April 2009


Time for another update on what is happening in the PIANC community! At the beginning of February PIANC concluded another ExCom and Council meeting. This issue of ‘Sailing Ahead’ gives you an overview of the main topics discussed, as well as the news from the commissions and the PIANC community in general, the upcoming publications and the events on the calendar.



!Extension of the deadline for the submission of abstracts for PIANC MMX!



PIANC MMX has already attracted over 150 abstracts for international papers to be presented at the PIANC MMX Congress in Liverpool in May 2010, but the organisers have also received requests for an extension of deadline for submission of abstracts. The organising committee has therefore agreed that abstracts submitted during April 2009 will also be considered by the Scientific Committee.  Abstracts should be sent to Further details can be found on the website






News from ExCom and Council

·         Call for Chairperson of CoCom

·         Strategic plan 2010-2014

·         Increased involvement

·         Resolution ‘09

·         PIANC De Paepe – Willems Award 2009

News from InCom

·         Report on the 59th InCom meeting

News from MarCom

·         Report on the last MarCom meeting

News from RecCom

·         Report on the last RecCom meeting

News from EnviCom

·         Report on the last EnviCom meeting

·         New member for EnviCom

News from CoCom

·         Report on the 77th CoCom meeting

News from YP-Com

·         Report on the last YP-Com meeting

·         A new chairman for YP-Com

·         New member for YP-Com

News from ‘HisCom’

·         6th and last ‘HisCom’ meeting

News from the PIANC Community

·         PIANC holds session on Inland Waterborne Transport at the World Water Forum

·         125th anniversary of PIANC: History Book – Call for Sponsors

·         PIANC Spain organises workshop about ‘Climate Change and Coastal Management’

·         Four new Qualifying Members for PIANC

·         PIANC Australia Board Member, Ron Cox, is Australian Civil Engineer of the Year 2008

·         Belgian and Dutch YPs visit the port of Flushing

·         New members in the Dutch YP-board

·         List of new M.Sc. theses of the Delft University of Technology


·         Publications pipeline

On the calendar

·         Smart Rivers ’21 – Call for papers

·         Coasts and Ports 2009 – Registration and Call for Abstracts are now open!

·         26th IAPH World Ports Conference – 2nd Announcement

·         ESPO 2009 Conference – Updated programme



News from ExCom and Council


Call for new chairperson of CoCom


During the Council meeting of 7 February, Eric Van den Eede pointed out that it is not easy to find a new chairperson for CoCom coming from a Country in Transition, as was originally the idea.


The position is still vacant and all National Sections are asked to send in their candidacies, so that the new chairperson of CoCom can be appointed at the AGA in Helsinki in May 2009.


Strategic Plan 2010-2014


In the morning of 7 February, the ExCom discussed the strategic plan 2010-2014. President Eric Van den Eede asked that the National Sections send in their comments to HQ by 15 March 2009. The final document will be put forward for approval at the AGA in Helsinki. All Commissions are also asked to elaborate their own action plans, which will need to be adopted as from Liverpool 2010.


Increased involvement


Both the ExCom and the Council discussed ways to increase members’ involvement, as to better market the association:


-       Events at both the national and the international level should be made known to the press through press releases, which have to be sent to relevant journalists.

-       The National Sections should make use of PIANC’s new materials, such as the new generic PowerPoint, the toolbox, the new housestyle, the brochure, etc.

-       The same templates should be used by all National Sections and all the materials should be translated into the national language, if this is not English.


President Eric Van den Eede urged all Council members to come up with more suggestions/comments by next AGA.


Resolution ‘09


InCom chairman, Ian White, who drafted the document, commented on the Resolution ’09 and highlighted the main ideas. The text was discussed and adapted by the Council. All National Sections were asked to send in their comments/feedback by 15 March 2009.


PIANC De Paepe – Willems Award (DPWA) 2009


According to the rules, the ExCom composed a jury at the end of November 2008:


-       Andrea Ferrante – Breakwaters

-       Robert Engler – Sand mining

-       Roberto Vidal –Dredging


A jury report was drafted and on 15 January 2009. Yvonne van Kruchten (The Netherlands) was selected as the winner of the PIANC DPWA 2009.


Eric Van den Eede drew the attention to the fact that in spite of the considerable amount of money, HQ only received three candidates, which is very disappointing. However, he adds that YP-Secretary, Jessica McIntyre, informed the ExCom meeting that YP-Com is preparing amendments to the recommendations for the PIANC De Paepe – Willems Award, in order to change the rules about the PIANC DPWA in Helsinki, given there is a need for refinement.





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News from InCom


Report on the 59th InCom meeting


At the beginning of February, the 59th meeting of the InCom Commission was held in Brussels.


During the meeting, as guests of Eric Van den Eede, General Manager of Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV and also President of PIANC, the members of InCom visited the river training works on the Lys River, in the city of Kortrijk. The main objective of these works is to upgrade the river to Class IV for two-way traffic, and to Class Vb for one-way traffic. The section through the city centre, has a length of 2km, and involves the construction of six bridges (in order to fulfill the required bridge raising for the new waterway class) and quay walls over the whole length, as well as other structures in order to make the works more compatible with the city’s residents such as the provision of parks, promenades and even a skate-park.


After this, the Commission members visited the site of the construction of the new class Vb navigation lock at Evergem, close to Ghent. This navigation lock is being constructed at a location parallel to the existing lock which has become too small to service the current annual movement of 16 million tonnes of freight per annum. The new lock will be inaugurated on 3 June 2009.



InCom visit to the river training works on the Lys River and

the navigation lock at Evergem


On the second day of the meeting, InCom members were informed on the work of ExCom and Council, on preparations for the AGA in Helsinki, MMX in Liverpool and the UNESCO World Water Forum in Istanbul. New dates for the Smart Rivers 2009 Conference were presented to InCom members (6-9 September 2009). A representative from each InCom working group gave a short presentation on their progress and  an invitation was given to all member states to propose experts for the newly established working groups (WG 137 – ‘Navigation Structures, Resilience to Overloading’, and WG 138 – ‘Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Lessons Learnt from Navigation Structures’).


The InCom members proposed several new working groups and Terms of Reference are now being drawn up for approval by ExCom.


InCom had some changes of membership during the meeting with Germany and The Netherlands presenting new InCom members. Holger Schüttrumpf is the new representative for Germany, and Milou Wolters for The Netherlands.


During the meeting, a new member of the InCom Commission was presented, Lieven Geerinck, who is Chief Technical Advisor, Navigation Programme, for the Mekong River Commission. He gave a presentation on ‘Integration of Navigation in Mekong Water Resources Management’.


In February, InCom was extended by one more member. Vietnam proposed their representative, and Ton Nu Thi Thanh Yen, Deputy Director of the Science Technology and International Relation Department, for the Vietnam Inland Waterway Administration will represent Vietnam on the InCom Commision.


Jasna Muskatirovic

Secretary of InCom





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News from MarCom


Report on the last MarCom meeting


MarCom had its last meeting in Brussels on 4 and 5 February. With regard to the publications, the meeting agreed that new WG-reports should be produced on a more regular basis and to reduce the time to produce such a report. The commission also discussed the current status of Working Groups and new ToR.





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News from RecCom


Report on the last RecCom meeting


The last RecCom meeting was held in Brussels on 5 February. Peter Jansen, Secretary-General of the International Marina Conference (IMC) also attended the meeting. RecCom and IMC will work closely together in WG 132 on ‘Dry Stack Storage’.



RecCom discussed its annual report 2008, as well as the Jack Nichol Award. After considerable discussion and evaluation of the applications, it was decided to award the 2009 Jack Nichol Award to Charleston City Marina, Charleston, SC, USA. The jury considered that Charleston City Marina best represented the technical, functional, aesthetic and environmental award criteria.


Furthermore, RecCom would like to change the name for the award into: ‘The Jack Nichol Award for Marina Excellence’. The procedure for candidacies will start with a nomination by a National Section, followed by a direct contact between the Commission and the Marina management. The Award must be divided into different sections: design, environment, operations. The purpose is to give more significance to the award and make it better known.


RecCom Chairman, Marcello Conti, has been appointed as member of the Scientific Committee for Copedec VIII. Moreover, during its meeting on 7 February, the Council nominated Elio Ciralli to become the new chairman of RecCom, as Marcello Conti’s mandate comes to an end.



Elio Ciralli will become

RecCom’s new






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News from EnviCom


Report on the last EnviCom meeting


The last EnviCom meeting took place in Brussels on 3 and 4 February. The commission discussed the ‘Working with Nature’ and ‘Climate Change’ topics and reviewed the status of its Working Groups and active Task Groups, as well as the new ToR.


EnviCom also created a ‘Working Group Management Template’. This ExCel sheet is a sort of guidance for the chairpersons of new Working Groups. The meeting decided to provide this template to all commissions. 


The next EnviCom meeting will take place in New Orleans on 29 and 30 October 2009. The US-Section will organise a follow-up seminar on hurricanes on 28 October. All PIANC National Sections should be invited to organise similar events (technical visit/seminar) during commission meetings in their country to take advantage of the presence of international experts that could participate as speaker.



New member for EnviCom


PIANC Finland has nominated Nina Kujala as the new representative of the Finnish Section in EnviCom. She will replace the former representative Jorma Rytkönen.


Nina Kujala is currently working as a technical manager of the Port of Pietarsaari, and she is specialised in ports and environmental issues. She has a long experience in different fields of environmental matters together with international further environmental education.


Keijo Kostiainen

Chairman of PIANC Finland





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News from CoCom


Report on the 77th CoCom meeting


CoCom’s 77th commission meeting took place on 5 February in Brussels, Belgium. CoCom chairman, Han Ligteringen, welcomed three new members:


-       Laura Brizuela: she has been appointed by the Spanish Section as YP in CoCom, and will assist Macario Fernández. Laura Brizuela works with Intecsa-Inarsa SA, a large engineering company, in the division Ports and Coastal Engineering.

-       Jean-Marc Deplaix, new French representative in CoCom. He works as a consultant with AFTM, a small association involved in transport research, mainly of inland waterways transport (IWT). He worked for seven years as an IWT-expet for UN-ESCAP in Bangkok and recently drafted for UN-ESCAP a ‘Manual for Modernisation of IWT’. The report is available at

-       Tadeusz Górecki, representative of Poland. He works as minister’s counsellor for the Ministry of Infrastructure, Department of Maritime Transport and Inland Navigation. He is involved in the re-establishment of a Polish NS.


The meeting discussed its annual report, as well as the different subcommittees. Another item on the agenda was the new website. The meeting agreed that Eric Marcone will co-ordinate the input for it.



Han Ligteringen

Chairman of CoCom






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News from YP-Com


Report on the last YP-Com meeting


70 YP’s are currently active in different Working Groups. YP-Com is also preparing amendments to the recommendations for the PIANC De Paepe – Willems Award. These criteria should allow to attract more participants and to solve the problem of the ‘originality of the paper’.


Moreover, YP-Com discussed the Mersey MMX Congress and it will also organise a technical session/visit during the Smart Rivers Conference in Vienna, to be held in September 2009.


A new chairman for YP-Com



Vasco Borges


During the Council meeting on 7 February 2009, PIANC President Eric Van den Eede informed the meeting that HQ didn’t receive any candidacies for a successor for Holger Schüttrumpf as chairperson of YP-Com.


However, as a result of the meeting they had on 6 February, YP-Com put forward the candidacy of Vasco Borges Nunes. At the Council meeting, Manuel Marcos Rita stated that this candidacy is supported by the Portuguese Section. The Council approved this nomination.



New member for YP-Com


PIANC France has nominated Sébastien Dupray as the new representative of the French Section in YP-Com in replacement of Bruno Lemaire.


Olivier Piet

Secretary of PIANC France





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News from ‘HisCom’


6th and last ‘HisCom’ meeting


On 26 and 27 February, ‘HisCom’ held its 6th and last meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The complete text of the History book was discussed during these two days. The title of the book will be: ‘PIANC, the World Association for Waterborne Infrastructure’, subtitle: ‘An association in a changing world, 1885-2010’.


The remarks made during these two days will be processed by Jolke Brolsma and sent to the members of ‘HisCom’, together with a CD or PDF of the illustrations. The ‘HisCom’ members will have one month to respond. At the AGA, members will be invited to sponsor the book. After the AGA, additional text or changed text will be mailed for quick comments. By the end of June/beginning of July the text should be completed and sent to Jean-Louis Oliver for translation into French, to be completed by the end of October. During the month of September request for quotation will be prepared to be sent out in October. By the end of December all text including names of sponsors must be available to enable the start of the production in January 2010. At the 1 May 2010 the book must be delivered at HQ.



From left to right: Setsuo Noda, Thomas Ballentine, Jean-Louis Oliver,

Jean Chapon, Robert De Paepe, Jolke Brolsma,

Ian Gillespie, Hans-Peter Tzschucke


Jolke Brolsma

Chairman of ‘HisCom’





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News from the PIANC Community


PIANC holds session on Inland Waterborne Transport at the World Water Forum  


PIANC, in co-operation with the Japan International Co-operation Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, organised and conducted a ‘Special Session on Inland Waterborne Transport’ at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul, Turkey on 17 March 2009. 


Eric Van den Eede, President of PIANC, began the session with an introduction of Inland Waterborne Transport (IWT), emphasising how IWT has contributed to the development of mature economies over many centuries and created many bridges between nations. In this century, IWT can help less developed countries to achieve several of the Millennium Development Goals, particularly eradicating extreme poverty (MDG 1), ensuring environmental sustainability (MDG 7), and developing a global partnership for development (MDG 8). IWT can help because it provides a safe, environmentally friendly form of transport, which can stimulate the development of regional economies and connect land-locked countries to sea ports and world markets. 


Since many rivers cross international boundaries, their use for IWT requires co-operation and collaboration among nations. IWT is also just one of the many uses of rivers, so it must be planned and managed in the context of Integrated Water Resource Management. 


Opening remarks were also made by Narikuni Nakao, Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs, Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Mr. Nakao’s central message was that IWT is a tool for addressing climate change.  Transporting goods by water generates less greenhouse gases per tonne than any other form of transport. 


Apart from that, several other speakers gave a presentation on different topics:


-       Harald Köthe, chairman of PIANC’s Environmental Commission (EnviCom);

-       Zaneta Ostojic-Barjaktarevic, Director of Plovput, the Serbian National Navigation Authority;

-       Thanatip Jantarapakde, of the Ministry of Transport of Thailand;

-       Benjamin Ndala, Secretary-General of the International Commission for the Congo, Oubangui and Sangha Rivers (CICOS);

-       Gernot Pauli, Chief Engineer of the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR);

-       Robert Pietrowsky, Director of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Instute for Water Resources;

-       Sobhanlal Bonnerjee, of the Centre for Built Environment in Kolkata, India;

-       Professor Ikeda of Yokohama National University.


Please click here for more information about their presentations.


In conclusion, the Session proposed a Draft Ministerial Statement to the Forum organisers.


The IWT session was organised by Ian White, chairman of PIANC’s Inland Navigation Commission, and Anne Cann, Secretary of PIANC USA.


PIANC also contributed to the World Water Forum by producing a Side Paper entitled, ‘Inland Waterborne Transport:  Connecting Countries’. The paper was published by the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme. Ian White presented a summary of the paper at a World Water Forum Side Event on 18 March 2009 in Istanbul.



The World Water Forum IWT Panel, from left to right: Yuji Okazaki, Thanatip Jantarapakde,

Sobhanlal Bonnerjee, Robert A. Pietrowsky, Eric Van den Eede, Ian White, Benjamin Ndala, Gernot Pauli, Zaneta Ostojic-Barjaktarevic, Professor Ikeda


  WWF2.JPG  CIMG2330

    Eric Van den Eede and Professor Ikeda                Eric Van den Eede gives a presentation on



Anne Cann



125th anniversary of PIANC: History Book – Call for Sponsors




In 2010, PIANC will celebrate its 125 years of existence. PIANC will organise special activities on three continents to commemorate this event. Moreover, a special commission (‘HisCom’) has been assigned to prepare a book on the history of the Association.


The objective of the book is to record and to disseminate the knowledge about PIANCs long and rich history and, at the same time, to promote PIANC as one of worlds’ leading technical associations. The book will be given free of charge to the members and participants of the MMX-congress. Members who won’t attend the congress will only have to refund the mailing costs.


The book (approximately 150 pages) will be in full-colour, richly illustrated, with separate editions in the English and French language.


There are several options for sponsoring:


- a one page full-colour advertisement in the front section: € 10,000 (10 free copies)

- a one page full-colour advertisement in the back section: € 7,500 (10 free copies)

- a half page full-colour advertisement in the front section: € 5,000 (5 free copies)

- a half page full-colour advertisement in the back section: € 3,750 (5 free copies)

- being recorded as sponsor including company logo: € 2,500 (3 free copies)

- being recorded as sponsor without logo: € 1,500 (2 free copies)

- being recorded as an individual subscriber: € 500 (1 additional free copy)


Platinum Partners receive a 25% rebate. Advertisement pages are clustered in the front and the back of the book. There will be maximum two pages in front and two pages in the back of the book, so limited to eight advertisements.


PIANC Spain organises workshop about ‘Climate Change and Coastal Management’


The Spanish National Section organised a one-day workshop about ‘Climate Change and Coastal Management’. The event took place on 19 February in the Headquarters of the Spanish Ministry of Environment, 120 people attended the meeting.


The programme included four interesting presentations, with national and international speakers. Professor Robert Nicholls from the University of Southampton was invited to talk about ‘Coasts in the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report and its Implications for Europe’. All presentations are available at


Four new Qualifying Members for PIANC


Three new Qualifying Members have recently joined PIANC: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Moreover, the General Secretariat has received the confirmation that also Canada will become Qualifying Member again. We are very glad to welcome them aboard and to see that the ‘PIANC family’ is expanding!


PIANC Australia Board Member, Ron Cox, is Australian Civil Engineer of the Year 2008


Ron Cox.JPG


Associate Professor Ron Cox, one of the founding Directors of PIANC Australia and The University of NSW Director of Academic, Finance & Marketing School of Engineering has been awarded Engineers Australia’s Sir John Holland Award for Civil Engineer of the Year 2008.


         Ron Cox


This prestigious award is presented annually by the Civil College of Engineers Australia.  It is awarded to an eminent civil engineer considered to have made a major contribution to the profession including the following areas:


·         leadership of an engineering organisation

·         involvement in major projects

·         development of new technology/research development

·         service to the profession

·         contribution to the use of ecologically sustainable development in engineering

·         length of service to the community


As a practicing coastal engineer, as leader of Australia’s foremost coastal engineering organization and as an inspirational academic, Ron has led research, investigation and design teams for projects in every state in Australia and many others around the world.


Ron played a major part in the organisation of the successful 2002 Sydney Congress as well as the Coasts and Ports conference series in Australia and NZ that started back in 1973.


The prestigious award is a great credit to Ron and his work in the coasts and ports area and assists further in putting PIANC Australia in the front of the minds of professionals in Australia. Well done Ron!!


Neil Lawson

Chairman of PIANC Australia


Belgian and Dutch YPs visit the port of Flushing


The Belgian and Dutch YPs will have a combined excursion to the Port of Flushing on Thursday 23 April. They will be welcomed by the engineering consultant Lievense and by the Port Authority, Zeeland Seaports. After presentations of both these companies, a visit to the extension of the Scaldia haven is scheduled, to see the construction of a new deep sea quay wall. This excursion is an excellent opportunity for Belgian and Dutch YPs in the field of Civil Engineering to meet and visit the Port of Flushing.


Alice Clijncke

Aron Ament

Dutch YP’s


Jan Goemaere

Belgian YP


New members in the Dutch YP-board


In 2009 Charlotte van der Vorm and Alice Clijncke will leave the board of the Dutch YPs. We are happy to welcome three new members in the board of the Dutch YPs:


·         Robert-Jan van de Waal, IV-Infra

·         Wouter Bijman, Witteveen+Bos

·         Tim Raaijmakers, Deltares


Aron Ament

Bas Wijdeven

Dutch YP’s


List of new M.Sc. theses of the Delft University of Technology


In 2008 the section Hydraulic Engineering of the Delft University of Technology has published a number of M.Sc. theses. The following selected theses might be of interest for PIANC members. Full text can be downloaded by clicking on the link behind the title of the report. Alternatively go to, select "Delft Publications" and subsequently type the authors name in the search box.



Henk Jan Verhagen

University of Delft





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Publications pipeline


The following publication will be released in April 2009:


On Course 135.JPG

                                                  Magazine ‘On Course’ 135

                      Special issue, dedicated to the AGA ’09 in Helsinki, Finland



                                                            WG 105-es.jpg

                                              PIANC WG 105 (ex RecCom 15)

                ‘The use of alternative materials in marine structure construction’


The following publications will be released in July 2009:


-       Magazine ‘On Course’ 136;

-       PIANC WG 106 (ex InCom 29): ‘Innovations in navigation lock design’ (English).


For any address changes and updates, please contact your National Section or PIANC HQ at





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On the Calendar


Smart Rivers ’21 – Call for papers


Please be aware that the conference dates for the Smart Rivers Conference have changed and that the event will take place from 6 until 9 September 2009 in Vienna, Austria. The deadline for receiving abstracts is set on 29 May 2009. Download the full call for papers here.


Kelly Barnes



Coasts and Ports 2009 – Registration and Call for Abstracts are now open!


Please note that the Call for Abstracts for the Coasts and Ports 2009 conference is now open and that the deadline has been extended beyond 3 April 2009. Please see for further details.


The Australasian Coasts and Ports Conference is the pre-eminent forum in the Australasian region for industry professionals from all disciplines to join together and discuss issues related to our coasts and ports. This biennial conference series represents an amalgamation of the Australasian Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Australasian Ports and Harbour and New Zealand Coastal Society conferences. It will bring together engineers, planners, researchers and all those working together on coastal and port matters in this part of the world.


In 2009 the conference will be held for the first time in Wellington, at Te Papa Tongarewa, Museum of New Zealand, from 16–18 September 2009. The three day conference program will embrace discussions around the challenges of environmental change, innovations in maritime industries and policy and planning for dynamic environments. Conference sessions will be complemented with field trips, an Industry Exhibition and will feature a Welcome Reception and Exhibition Opening on Tuesday 15 September and a Gala Dinner on the following night for the 300 national and international delegates to enjoy some of Wellington's world-renowned hospitality.


Neil Lawson

Chairman of PIANC Australia


26th IAPH World Ports Conference – 2nd Announcement


The 26th IAPH World Ports Conference will take place in Genoa, Italy, from 25 until 29 May. Please click here to find the second announcement of the conference.


ESPO 2009 Conference – Updated programme


The ESPO 2009 Conference will be held in Marseilles, France on 14 and 15 May. To find out more details, please click here and find the updated programme.






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