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November 2017


Six new Working Group reports were published in 2017 (three InCom reports, one MarCom report and two RecCom reports)! We would like to thank all members who have contributed to these reports, because this is the best proof of the intrinsic vitality of our Association.

All Working Group members will be sent a hard copy version of their reports in the beginning of the new year. Therefore, we urge all Working Group Chairpersons to forward the postal addresses of their members to PIANC HQ, so we can send the copies.

The next ExCom, Council and Secretaries meetings, along with the yearly Commission meetings will take place at the end of January-beginning of February 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. We hope to welcome many of our Delegates for another round of fruitful meetings!

Maybe much too early, but nevertheless very sincere, already now I want to thank all of you for your highly appreciated contributions to PIANC’s activities and I am looking forward to meeting most of you in the coming year especially at the occasion of our 34th PIANC World Congress in Panama. (


Geert Van Cappellen

Secretary-General PIANC





News from ExCom & Council


·         NEW Strategic Plan 2019-2023

·         NEW Meeting Schedule


News from FinCom

·         FinCom Meeting in Pittsburgh on 15 September 2017


News from MarCom

·         Seismic Design Guidelines for Port Structures to be Updated


News from InCom

·         InCom Workshop on WG 154 – ‘Mitre Gate Design and Operation’

·         PIANC WG 198 on Salt Intrusion


News from YP-Com

·         Technical Visit to Exolgan Port Terminal, 18th August 2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina

·         YP-Com Meeting, Smart Rivers, 18th September 2017, Pittsburgh, United States.

·         YP-Com Social Event, Smart Rivers, 19th September 2017, Pittsburgh, United States.

·         Technical Visit and Seminar at Port of Santa Fe, 29th – 30th September 2017, Santa Fe, Argentina

·         Technical Visit to Jurong Port, 12th October 2017, Singapore

·         3rd South American and River Plate PIANC YP-Com Meeting

·         34th  PIANC World Congress, May 7 – 12 2018, Panama City, Panama


News from the PIANC Community

·         PIANC-SMART Rivers 2017 in Pittsburgh, USA

·         NordPIANC Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden

·         XIV Technical Sessions of Young Professionals of ATPYC (PIANC Spain)

·         PIANC Korea

·         Report from COP23



·         Just Shipped

·         Publications Pipeline


On the Calendar

·         34th PIANC World Congress

·         4th edition of Mediterranean Days



News from ExCom & Council


Highlights from Pittsburgh: ExCom (16 September 2017) – Council (17 September 2017)

NEW Strategic Plan 2019-2023


This new Plan should be more accurate and specific, so it will be possible to check if we’ve managed to obtain our goals.

Focuss on:

·         publishing WG reports which is our core business (increase the number of publications substantially, not shift to fully free reports, exceptionally reports can be free for specific governmental bodies, … )

·         Geographical expansion (more continental organised association, How can we help our QM and National Sections to increase their membership? …)

·         Networking (A first step was the setting up a University Task Group, Stimulate the cooperation with our Sisters Associations, …)

·         Improvement of the management (Improve and accelerate our internal decision-making process, for instance through electronic voting, encourage cooperation between VP’s and YP’s , …)

·         Increasing our visibility (ProCom needs to be re-activated, the need to develop on the short term a marketing strategy, …)

NEW Meeting Schedule

Based on the received comments and the discussion by the ExCom and the Council, the below schedule is agreed on:









+ Commissions

+ WG


+ Commissions

+ WG


+ Commissions

+ WG


+ Commissions

+ WG


+ Commissions

+ WG


Nat. Secr.

+ ½ ExCom

+ Council

+ ½ ExCom


+ Congress

Nat. Secr.

+ ½ ExCom

+ Council

+ ½ ExCom


Nat. Secr.

+ ½ ExCom

+ Council

+ ½ ExCom


Nat. Secr.

+ ½ ExCom

+ Council

+ ½ ExCom


Nat. Secr.

+ ½ ExCom

+ Council

+ ½ ExCom


+ Congress


Nat. Secr.

+ ½ ExCom

+ Council

+ ½ ExCom

Nat. Secr.

+ ½ ExCom

+ Council

+ ½ ExCom


Nat. Secr.

+ ½ ExCom

+ Council

+ ½ ExCom

Smart Rivers

Nat. Secr.

+ ½ ExCom

+ Council

+ ½ ExCom

Nat. Secr.

+ ½ ExCom

+ Council

+ ½ ExCom


·         In the above schedule, PIANC – SMART Rivers would be organised separately in year N+2 and in year N+4 under the umbrella of the World Congress.

·         Splitting up ExCom meeting in 2 x ½ days would only happen when strategic issues need to be discussed during the Council meeting. For the October meetings participation via video conference should be possible.

·         The new schedule would be implemented from 2020 onwards.

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News from FinCom


FinCom Meeting in Pittsburgh on 15 September 2017

Thorough discussion on the portfolio. The portfolio mainly exists of governmental bonds. This involves risks because we expect a downturn of this market in the future. Also, the cost aspect of the management of the portfolio requires attention as they may have effect on our long-term growth in revenue. The discussion within the FinCom members leads to the scenario which is summarized as follows: BNP is to be asked to realign the PIANC investments in accordance with Art.27 (R&R, to be revised by FinCom) but at no loss to PIANC also an independent financial consultant will be contacted to assist.

Take a closer look at the PIANC events already organised (Navigating a Changing Climate, COPEDEC IX) and upcoming events Workshop InCom WG 154 and the PIANC World Congress. Discussion on budget and actual income, lessons learnt after the financial setback of the Navigating a Changing Climate conference.

Analysis of the budget 2017, business plan 2018-2020 and membership.

Evaluation of the figures of all publications sold/downloaded as from 2014 onwards.

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News from MarCom


Seismic Design Guidelines for Port Structures to be Updated

The state-of-the-art in seismic analysis and design continues to evolve rapidly. In 2001, PIANC published “Seismic Design Guidelines for Port Structures”, which presented the displacement-based design philosophy and procedures then being used at major ports.  In 2014 many of the procedures presented in the PIANC guidelines for pile-supported structures were updated, expanded and codified in the ASCE/COPRI Standard 61-14 “Seismic Design of Piers and Wharves”.

Both the American and Japanese seismic standards are now undergoing updates. As these new guidelines evolve, there is recognition that the PIANC guidelines must also be updated. PIANC’s MarCom is therefore planning to initiate a new working group in late 2018. Stay tuned for more information as this plan matures.


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News from InCom


InCom Workshop on WG 154 – ‘Mitre Gate Design and Operation’

6 November 2017 (Brussels) – 7 November 2017 (Paris)

The Workshop was a one day event to launch and promote the new PIANC Report n°154 on Mitre Gate Design and Operation (published by PIANC in August 2017).

Starting by a presentation of the new PIANC Report by the members of the WG (focusing on the new innovative concepts – with an updated state of art), followed by an open forum with worldwide experts discussing about the lessons learnt from mitre gate failures that happened recently in several navigation locks.

Both days were well attended. More than 60 participants in Brussels and more than 50 in Paris.

All PRESENTATIONS of the Workshop can be found on the PIANC Website.


PIANC WG 198 on Salt Intrusion

The PIANC WG 198 on Salt Intrusion had their 2nd meeting in Seville on 2-3 Nov. The meeting was very constructive and we feel we are ready to start writing the report in earnest. I was confirmed as Chairman in the meeting with Gary Brown as Secretary. This was an open item from the first meeting. Since the first meeting a lot of literature has been collected so that we are confident that we can write a good report on these issues. Some general introductions are already available in English but many of the specific project experience is country specific, in particular a lot of work from the Netherlands is only available in Dutch. This report should then offer an opportunity to disseminate this research to a wider audience. A more detailed table of contents has been made and some areas have been identified as requiring more attention. We do not have much information on the effect of salt intrusion on sedimentation, although we suspect that there should be a lot available. Our American colleagues in particular, who were not present in person at the meeting but were able to react to the discussion points, should be able to gather that information but we would appreciate more from other sources. Gary Brown has suggested that the report could be partially reviewed by the Committee on Tidal Hydraulics in the US to ensure that a broad scope of experience is utilised. Similarly, we felt that work done in Australia, although not directly related to Inland Navigation, may be helpful in discussing and understanding some of the general principles. We may try to approach PIANC Australia to this end. Finally, more detailed information about instrumentation is not at the moment readily available and will have to be gathered in the near future. The next meeting has been scheduled to coincide with the PIANC World Congress in Panama in May where a number of us have presentations.

Attendees of the WG 198 meeting during the site trip to the Port of Seville via boat.


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News from YP-Com


Technical Visit to Exolgan Port Terminal, 18th August 2017, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Young Professionals of PIANC Argentina toured Exolgan container terminal, located in Buenos Aires, last August 18th, 2017. Exolgan is currently the largest container terminal in Argentina.

The technical visit was very well attended including participants from many related organizations, such as the students of the post-graduated specialization on Port Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires.

The technical visit was welcomed by Ingrid Klimann who works in Exolgan, and who is also the head of institutional relations of YP-Argentina and PIANC YP-Com Americas Vice-Chair Supporter. Then, the Manager of Operational Planning, Pablo Boulin, gave a comprehensive technical presentation explaining the main operational and infrastructure aspects of the terminal.

2017-08-18 15.21.46

2017-08-18 16.31.57

Technical Presentations at Exolgan Terminal

YP´s at Berth 2 in Exolgan, Argentina

Once completed, the group continued with a visit to the Primary Zone Yard where two Post-Panamax containerships were located at berths 2 and 3. The visit focused on showing the entire process of a container since its arrival to the terminal till it is loaded on the vessel; considering also the management of empty containers and the associated processes of return and repair, the handling of the reefer containers, and the inspections that are done to classify the containers.

2017-08-18 17.24.01

2017-01-05 14.55.48

Ingrid Klimann, Pablo Arecco, Ligia Sendra, Leandro Pitton & Virginia Sy (PIANC Argentina YP Board members)

Exolgan’s Yard View


Exolgan containter terminal has a property on 50 hectares and with 1200 linear meters dock. The modern design of its layout and the integration of various value-added services make this terminal a Multimodal Operations Platform.

It is part of International Trade Logistics (ITL), an Argentine holding company that develops, coordinates and integrates companies specialized in managing logistics and port processes and part of PSA (Port of Singapore Authority) shareholding. The terminal has a crew complement consisting of 10 quay cranes, 23 RTGs, 3 scanners, special trucks for internal transportation and more than 15 containers moving equipment that allow to operate 3 sea-going vessels at the same time. In addition of having a modern CCTV monitoring site.

Finally, we closed the day with networking drinks in San Telmo neighbourhood, the old district of Buenos Aires city.


Argentine YPs before being shipped out of the country

On behalf of PIANC Argentina and PIANC YP-Com, we would like to congratulate and extend our gratitude to Ingrid Klimann and Exolgan Container Terminal for arranging such a wonderful technical visit.

YP-Com Meeting, Smart Rivers, 18th September 2017, Pittsburgh, United States.

On 18th September, during Smart Rivers, the YP-Com had a meeting where main topics as Succession Plan and Action Points were discussed. Members of the commission joined in person and online.

YP-Com Social Event, Smart Rivers, 19th September 2017, Pittsburgh, United States.

On 19th September, PIANC USA Young Professionals group organized a Happy Hour at the SmartRivers Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. The event took place at Texas de Brazil with great caipirinhas, but most importantly a great turnout of young professionals! There was a very diverse group including European and US organizations such as Viadonau, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, CH2MHill, Moffatt & Nichol and many others. After, many of the young professionals headed out to the baseball game where the Pittsburgh Pirates lost to the Milwaukee Brewers 1-0. 

Technical Visit and Seminar at Port of Santa Fe, 29th – 30th September 2017, Santa Fe, Argentina

PIANC Argentina Young Professionals organized a two-days Seminar and Technical visit to the Port of Santa Fe, Argentina on September 29 and 30, 2017.

Santa Fe was the elected location for the yearly meeting, in the “Big Rivers” region, for the Young Professionals (YPs) of PIANC Argentina This event is circumscribed within the three yearly PIANC Argentinian YP meetings (each meeting in one of the three regions: “Big Rivers”, “Buenos Aires”, “Argentine Sea”). The Seminar was opened by the Secretary of Transport of the Province of Santa Fe, Eng. Pablo Juckic, the Chair of the Young Professionals Commission (YP-Com) of PIANC, Eng. Pablo Arecco, and the Manager of Engineering and Development at Port Authority of Santa Fe (EAPSF), Eng. Esteban Franco.

The main topics of the technical presentations included speeches from the following experts:

       Logistics and intermodality, Eng. Fernando Imaz.

       Geotechnics in port works, Eng. María Elizabet Pardini.

       Sediment Transport in the Paraná River, Eng. Héctor Hugo Prendes.




Technical Presentations at Port of Santa Fe

Participants also visited the liquid bulk Fuel Terminal operated by Shell CAPSA in Santa Fe. The chief of operations, Eng. Mario Acosta, explained the process of receiving fuels via the Parana waterway, as well as the main operational and infrastructure aspects of the Terminal.

Then, the attendees continued their visit to the Grain Terminal, operated by the Port Authority itself (EAPSF). They were received by the Head of Elevator, Julián Collados, and Board Manager, Javier Méndez, who explained the merchandise reception process, storage and exit, explaining also the auxiliary services.

As a closing of the first day of the Conference, participants enjoyed a visit to Santa Fe Brewery, producer of the main brand beers that are distributed throughout the region, and the traditional soft beer (“lisos”).

On Saturday, the group visited the Port of Santa Fe Museum, and then shared a catamaran ride to throughout the access channel of the port and the Parana River. During the boat trip, different dredgers were operating in the maneuvering area, and potential locations for new port facilities were identified as well on the Parana River. Finally, the whole group enjoyed on board a very well served farewell lunch.



Boat Trip around Port of Santa Fe

Participants Technical Visit and Seminar at Port of Santa Fe

Thanks to Ente Administrador Puerto Santa Fe (EAPSF), one of the corporate members of PIANC Argentina, for arranging this nice event and special thanks to Esteban Franco, Laura Gómez and Flavio Barnaba for leading the organization of such an amazing gathering.

Technical Visit to Jurong Port, 12th October 2017, Singapore

On 12 October 2017, a successful PIANC Singapore Technical event was held at Jurong Port, Singapore’s next generation multipurpose port.

The event started with several insightful technical presentations by the operator representatives of Jurong Port about the operations as well as Jurong Port’s green initiatives. Jurong Port showcased its world class port-based solar power generation facility as the world’s first green berths in an effort to reduce total carbon footprint. It was beneficial for all PIANC participants to understand and appreciate port operations from the operator’s perspective and their effort on sustainability as well.

Technical Presentations at Jurong Port

Technical Visit at Jurong Port

A technical site visit took place after the presentation. PIANC Participants were brought to visit the port facilities as well as its green berth setup. Discussions during the visit provided better understandings on the challenges operators face and their daily operations at different services.

Operators at Jurong Port presented and showcased their operational control facility to PIANC Participants in term of product processing and how it interacts with vessels at berth and maritime activities. This provides a unique opportunity to all participants in understanding how design and planning of a port facility is related to its daily operation and service.

At the end of the event, a networking lunch session was held with port operator from Jurong Port as well as representatives from Singapore Maritime and Port Authority. Fruitful discussions in regards with Singapore’s port operation and future planning vision took place, where knowledge, experiences and ideas were exchanged and discussed. Sharing of knowledge and experience between professionals from various fields and backgrounds of waterfront infrastructure industry is the key essence of PIANC. This event is another great example of such a vision and spirit.

We would like once again express our appreciation and gratitude to Jurong Port for their effort on holding such an excellent event for PIANC Singapore.

Technical Visit at Jurong Port

Coming Soon:

3rd South American and River Plate PIANC YP-Com Meeting

The 3rd South American and River Plate PIANC YP-Com Meeting will take place this time in San Antonio, Chile: 30th November and 1st of December 2017.

There is no fee to attend this event but places are limited. To book your place, send an email to You can find the details of the event and the inscription form in the Web Page of the Asociación Chilena de Ingeniería de Puertos y Costas (ACHIPYC).

The event will be hosted by Asociación Chilena de Ingeniería de Puertos y Costas, PIANC and Port of San Antonio.

34th  PIANC World Congress, May 7 – 12 2018, Panama City, Panama

The PIANC World Congress 2018 will present and discuss the most relevant topics to the waterborne transport infraestructure sector. The renowned international event is open to member and non-members of PIANC. The meetings will be held from May 7 to 12, 2018.

You can check the details of the main programme at the website. The YP-Com will organize special events for the Young Professional during the Congress.

Save the dates!

Pablo Arecco, Chair YP-Com

Andy Thomas, CoChair YP-Com

Inés Alvarez, Secretary YP-Com

Stay in the know.  Connect with us on LinkedIn – PIANC Young Professionals.

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News from the PIANC Community


PIANC-SMART Rivers 2017 in Pittsburgh, USA

The U.S. Section of PIANC hosted the biennial PIANC SMART Rivers Conference 18-21 September 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a major success, with nearly 300 U.S. and international participants, a robust technical program with 125 presentations, 3 keynote addresses, a poster session, short courses, exhibit hall, technology tour at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute, and a cruise through Allegheny Lock 2. 

Anne Cann and Emily Vuxton led the organizing committee and ran the execution of the conference. The Conference Chair was Jim McCarville, retired Executive Director of the Port of Pittsburgh Commission. MG Jackson, Deputy Commanding General for Civil and Emergency Operations, USACE and Doug Lamont, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, made Welcoming Remarks on behalf of PIANC USA at the Opening Plenary Session.  PIANC Secretary-General Geert Van Cappellen provided an Introduction to PIANC. 

Conference Chair Jim McCarville welcomes participants           at the PIANC SMART Rivers Opening Plenary Session.


Jim McCarville and Geert Van Cappellen are presented with pieces of Allegheny Lock Number 2 and USACE Pittsburgh District Coins.

Keynote Addresses came from all parts of the globe: 

       “Building Marine Transportation System Capacity Through Information Infrastructure” by RADM Paul F. Thomas, Commander, Eighth Coast Guard District, U.S. Coast Guard

       “The Inter-American Committee on Ports and a Discussion of Competitiveness, Logistics, and Port Infrastructure of Latin America and the Caribbean” by Mr. Jorge Duran, Inter-American Committee on Ports, Organization of American States,

       “Inland River Transportation in China:  Current and Future Trends” by Dr. Ying-En Ge, Dean of the College of Transport & Communications at the Shanghai Maritime University, P.R. China

At the Closing Plenary Session, Mr. Jeff Lillycrop, Technical Program Chair, shared highlights which were gleaned from the Technical Program by the Moderators. 

The presentations at SmartRivers 2017 highlighted the following key findings:

1.     We need to build sustainable, resilient projects, systems and waterways.

       Use adaptive management & monitoring

       Engineering With Nature

       Regional Sediment Management

       All projects are multi-objective, multi-purpose projects

       balance between the economic, social and environmental issues

       Must build in from the start cyber security

       Innovative materials can be better, faster, cheaper

2.     Standards are important for communication and collaboration.


       Infrastructure components & construction methods

       Information products & services

3.     We need to be more transparent, more open about who we are, what we do and why it is important to engage everyone in freight movement.

       Do a better job of Value Quantification

       Do a better job explaining & managing risk

       Do a better job modeling freight flow

       Consider waterways as a system and recognize the importance of tributaries which feed traffic into main channels

4.     We are adopting and applying automation.

       SLS moorings

       Lock gates & bridges

       Structural Health Monitoring

       Vessel operations

       Water drones for measuring, monitoring & entertaining

       We’ve done it, we can do more, we can do better

Platypus robots, developed by Carnegie Mellon University, were demonstrated during the cruise – they are remotely controlled and can collect bathymetric and water quality data from inland waterways.  The robots use sonar to collect information about depth, bottom hardness, and vegetation throughout the water column. 

Conference proceedings will be published by PIANC HQ in early 2018. Powerpoint presentations from all technical sessions can be viewed at:


next PIANC SMART Rivers conference

will be held in Lyon, France, in 2019.



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NordPIANC Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden

The NordPIANC Meeting hosted by PIANC Sweden on 26-28 September 2017 gathered 59 participants from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia. The President of PIANC Mr Geoffroy Caude and the Secretary-General of PIANC Mr Geert Van Cappellen also attended representing the head office of PIANC. In   addition to the actual session a national Section´s Secretaries meeting was arranged by the head office.

The NordPIANC Meeting was focused on technical presentations from the participating countries. The presentations are available for downloading:

Technical tours were made to the Project Slussen, which is the City of Stockholm´s largest infrastructure project since the 1960s and the Mälar Project which has the purpose to improve accessibility and enhance safety in Södertälje Canal and the fairways on the lake Mälaren.

The Swedish Section of PIANC would like to thank the participants for their contributions and the nice fellowship during the meeting! The next NordPIANC meeting will be held in Denmark in 2019.

Jon Granstedt

First Delegate, PIANC Sweden

Attendants NordPIANC meeting in Stockholm.


All NordPIANC 2017 presentations are available ONLINE!

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XIV Technical Sessions of Young Professionals of ATPYC (PIANC Spain)

The annual technical sessions of the Young Professionals of ATPYC (PIANC Spain) took place in Tarragona on 26th and 27th of October, 2017.

This XIV edition of the conference was held at the “Teatret del Serrallo”, in collaboration with the Tarragona Port Authority.

The program included 21 presentations on various topics, focused port and coastal engineering. In addition, a technical tour was organized by the Port Authority. The event was attended by 70 professionals.


XIV Technical Sessions of ATPYC Young Professionals                   in Tarragona


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Six working group reports were translated into Korean language with the financial support of MOF (Ministry of     Oceans and Fisheries).




Ansan city has a plan to construct big marina port which costs more than hundred million dollars so PIANC Korea invited marina design experts of PIANC to have a seminar on the design concept of Ansan marina. Former chairman of RecCom Mr. Elio Ciralli and Mr. Oscar Siches came to Korea to give a lecture for 2 days from 19-20 October 2017.

Mr. Elio Ciralli got the nomination certificate from Ansan city Mayor as the counselor of Ansan marina


Ansan marina seminar participants(the fourth from the right is Ansan city mayor, the fitth is Mr. Elio Ciralli, the sixth is Mr. Oscar Siches and the next is the PIANC Korea secretary)

Dr Young Min Ho, Chairman of the “2nd International Seminar on Advanced Marina Design” in Ansan City


Mr Byeong-Goo Yoon, Chairman of PIANC Korea,

welcomes and thanks international speakers Mr Elio Ciralli (L) and Mr Oscar Siches (R)

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Report from COP23


In early November 2017, governments and stakeholders alike convened in Bonn, Germany, for COP23.  This series of meetings discussed the evolving steps towards implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.  Progress was steady, with a focus on developing the Paris ‘rulebook’ and on the proposed ‘Talanoa Dialogue’.  This facilitative dialogue is intended to ensure transparency, inclusivity and opportunities for stakeholder participation as Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change prepare for COP24 in Poland in 2018.  COP24 will be a key meeting politically as its main purpose will be to assess the collective progress of contracting parties towards the Paris targets. 

Amongst other things, the Talanoa Dialogue should provide an opportunity to showcase the achievements of the many non-state actor initiatives set up under seven sectoral themes including Transport, Oceans and Water.  More information on this process can be found in the final daily report from the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC) who coordinate the activities and input of the wider transport sector (see

The transport sector was well represented in Bonn, with a high-level Thematic Transport Day on November 11th.  Some of the key messages from this Thematic day, in which the PIANC-led Navigating a Changing Climate initiative participated, were:

·         transport climate policy is not one-size-fits-all

·         very few countries’ nationally determined contributions (NDCs) cover transport: there is still much to do

·         countries need help in strengthening capacity; will benefit from technology transfer

·         targets, projects, numbers and objectives are needed to encourage the transport sector to reduce emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change: nice words need to be translated into real, measurable targets

·         the benefits of adaptation need to be quantified; the business case needs to be made

·         Governments need to be ambitious without over-regulating: clarity and commitment from Governments will give industry the confidence to invest

And a few other observations from the events in Bonn:

·         In many sectors non-state actors are leading the way in demonstrating what can be achieved – a good example is provided by US states, cities and companies who are progressing the ambition of the Paris Agreement independent of the federal position

·         Non-state actor initiatives are increasingly understanding the need to combine action on climate change mitigation with the sustainable development goals (SDGs): indeed, one of the themes of COP24 in 2018 will be SDG9 (resilient infrastructure)

·         The challenges associated with decarbonising maritime transport were discussed at several side-events: a full list of transport-themed side events can be found at

·         The international water community was also well-represented at COP23: amongst their initiatives was the signing of a declaration promoting the use of nature-based solutions in the management of healthy water supplies

·         Oceans were another key theme in Bonn: there has been significant progress under this theme in the last year, with one of the latest initiatives being the launch of the Ocean Pathway Partnership at COP23 (see

Jan Brooke, Focal Point, Navigating a Changing Climate


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Just Shipped

The following publications were published in July/August 2017:

WG 149 – Part IV (RecCom):

‘Guidelines for Marina Design’


WG 154 (InCom):

‘Mitre Gate Design and Operation’


WG 177 (RecCom):

10 Years of the ‘Marina Excellence Design ‘Jack Nichol’ Award (MEDA)

WG 173 (InCom):

‘Movable Bridges and Rolling Gates Design, Maintenance and Operation – Lessons Learnt’


WG 144 (MarCom):

‘Classification of Soils and Rocks for the Maritime Dredging Process’ – Abridged Field Version

Addendum to PIANC WG 144


Publications Pipeline

New Working Group reports will be published in 2018. Currently there are no new reports in the pipeline. 


Save money by becoming a member of PIANC and download ALL PIANC publications FOR FREE on the Members Only password protected pages!!!


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On the Calendar


34th PIANC World Congress

More information can be found on the PIANC World Congress WEBSITE !!!



4th edition of Mediterranean Days

PIANC Spain is organizing 4th edition of Mediterranean Days, in cooperation with Puertos del Estado (government agency that depends on the Ministry of Public Works), the Port Authority of Sevilla, PIANC Italy and PIANC France. The event will take place on 17th – 19th October, 2018 in Sevilla.

Shortly, website will be open with detailed information about the event. Call for papers is now open, and abstracts must be submitted before 12th February 2018. Papers and attendants from another countries (different from Italy, France and Spain) are welcome.

Click HERE for more information.


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