Climate Change

Permanent Task Group on Climate Change (PTGCC)

The PTGCC is a permanent, cross-Commission PIANC Task Group providing a common platform for coordinated work to support PIANC members and the wider sector in addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation issues.

PIANC-led Navigating a Changing Climate

Navigating a Changing Climate (NavClimate) is a Global Climate Action initiative under the United Nations’ (UNFCCC) non-state actor workstream. NavClimate partners share, develop and disseminate resources to support mitigation and adaptation efforts.

PIANC Declaration on Climate Change

Launched by the PIANC President at the international COP25 in Madrid, Spain in 2019, the Declaration is a ‘call to arms’ to accelerate and scale up action to reduce the potentially significant risks that climate change poses to the navigation sector.




The PTGCC provides PIANC’s input into Navigating a Changing Climate.  The PTGCC frequently meets jointly with the NavClimate partner associations. The relationship between the PTGCC and the Navigating a Changing Climate initiative are explained in the diagram here.

Working with Nature & Climate Change

Another of PIANC’s strategic objectives for the future is concerned with climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Ports and Inland Waterways

The good practice guidance on Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Ports and Inland Waterways prepared by PIANC’s technical Working Group 178 was published in 2020.

  1. The guidance sets out a staged approach to identifying and assessing possible climate change adaptation measures for waterborne transport infrastructure. 
  2. For those that wish to use it, the guidance suggests a detailed methodological framework. This is presented as a stepwise approach. 
  3. The guidance includes a portfolio of possible adaptation and resilience measures, developed through an extensive international engagement exercise. The porfolio of measures lists a wide range of physical, operational and institutional options for adapting or strengthening the resilience of navigation infrastructure assets, operations and systems.
  4. The guidance also includes additional supporting resources, including data collection templates and monitoring recommendations to help inform adaptation decision-making.

EnviCom WG 178