Commissions & Working Groups

Our four Technical Commissions (InCom, MarCom, EnviCom & RecCom) cover the different areas of waterborne transport infrastructure. They are continuously supervising the work carried out by our experts in the respective Working Groups on industry-relevant topics. The reports prepared by these Working Groups are the core business of our Association and a highly respected resource for governments, companies, and industry associations.  

Two further Commissions (CoCom & YP-Com) were set up to support Emerging Countries and Young Professionals. 

Finances and Marketing are handled by FinCom and ProCom respectively.

PIANC Commissions

Inland Navigation Commission
  • Chairperson Mr Philippe Rigo (Belgium) & Vice-Chairperson Ms

    Jasna Muskatirovic (Serbia)

  • Deals with all matters related to inland navigation

  • Networking with other international organisations (CCNR, …)

Maritime Navigation Commission
  • Chairperson Mr Egbert van der Wal (The Netherlands) & Vice-Chairperson Mr Babak Banijamali (Iran)

  • Deals with maritime ports and seaways issues

  • Co-operations with IMO, IAPH, WODA and others

Environmental Commission
Recreational Navigation Commission
  • Chairperson Mr Esteban Biondi (Argentina) & Vice-Chairperson Mr

    Michiel De Jong (The Netherlands)

  • Deals with all matters related to recreational navigation

  • Networking with other international organisations (ICOMIA, TYHA, GMI)

International Co-Operation Commission
  • Chairpersons Mr Abbas Sarmad (USA) & Mohammadreza Allahyar (Iran)

  • Deals with the organisation of the PIANC-COPEDEC Conferences and the target country approach

Young Professionals Commission
  • Chairpersons Mr Sebastián Iglesias (Argentina) 

  • Dealing with networking activities, such as participation in meetings and events, PIANC Commissions and Working Groups

Finance Commission
  • Chairperson Mr Ian White (UK) & Vice-Chairperson Mr Manuel Arana (Spain)

  • Deals with the financial management of PIANC

Promotion Commission
  • Chairperson Ms Anna-Lena Pahl (Germany) Vice-Chairperson Mrs Chiara Minoretti (Italy)

  • Deals with the marketing and promotion of the Association

Working Group Reports

Working Group Reports are sorted by Commission and available for free if you are a PIANC member.