Commissions & Working Groups

Four Technical Commissions (InCom, MarCom, EnviCom & RecCom) are covering the different areas of waterborne transport infrastructure. They are supervising the work carried out by our experts in the respective Working Groups on subjects of interest. The reports prepared by these Working Groups are the core business of our Association.  

Two more Commissions (CoCom & YP-Com) have been set up to support Countries in Transition and Young Professionals. 

Finally, finances and marketing are handled by FinCom and ProCom respectively.

PIANC Commissions

Inland Navigation Commission
  • Chairperson Mr Philippe Rigo (Belgium)

  • Deals with all matters related to inland navigation

  • Networking with other international organisations (CCNR, …)

Maritime Navigation Commission
  • Chairperson Mr Egbert van der Wal (The Netherlands) & Vice-Chairperson Mr Babak Banijamali (Iran)

  • Deals with maritime ports and seaways issues

  • Co-operations with IMO, IAPH, WODA and others

Environmental Commission
  • Chairperson Mr Todd Bridges (USA)

  • Deals with both broad and very specific navigation sustainability and environmental risk-related issues of interest to PIANC that cross cut all PIANC areas

  • Permanent Task Groups/Strategic Initiatives: EU Water Framework Directive Navigation Task Group, Climate Change (PTG CC), Working with Nature Corresponding Group, Dredging and the Environment

Recreational Navigation Commission
  • Chairperson Mr Esteban Biondi (Argentina)

  • Deals with all matters related to recreational navigation

  • Networking with other international organisations (ICOMIA, TYHA, GMI)

International Co-Operation Commission
  • Chairpersons Mr Edward Schmeltz (USA) & Akula Rao (India)

  • Deals with the organisation of the PIANC-COPEDEC Conferences and the target country approach

Young Professionals Commission
  • Chairpersons Mr Andrew Thomas (USA) & Ms Eslie Vrolijk (The Netherlands)

  • Dealing with networking activities, such as participation in meetings and events, PIANC Commissions and Working Groups

Finance Commission
  • Chairperson Mr Ian White (UK)

  • Deals with the financial management of PIANC

Promotion Commission
  • Chairperson Ms Anna-Lena Pahl (Germany)

  • Deals with the marketing and promotion of the Association

Working Groups

Working Group Reports are sorted by Commission.