Corporate Member

26 National Sections are recognised and operate to facilitate contacts between PIANC HQ and the membership.
Authorities or public services of states, departments, provinces, counties, municipalities, other political sub-divisions and executive agencies, scientific and technical associations, harbours and other boards, chambers of commerce, laboratories, universities, public and private sector companies, consultants, user associations, and other organisations concerned with issues relating to navigation which, having applied for membership of the Association and having been admitted as members, pay the prescribed annual subscription fee to the Association.  

- Small Corporate Member (up to 20 employees directly concerned with PIANC): 475.00   
- Large Corporate Member (more than 20 employees directly concerned with PIANC): € 950.00   

Please note that the quoted membership rates are for prospective members who have no National PIANC Section.
Prospective members who are from countries where a PIANC Section exists should apply to that Section for its membership rates,
bearing in mind that National Section rates may vary and will be expressed in the currency of that country.


The membership starts on the day the payment of the membership fee is received and runs for 1 year from that date on (e.g. starting on November 22, 2017 running until November 21, 2018).

Membership of the Association shall be automatically terminated by non-payment of the annual subscription. 

Small Corporate Members receive 2 logins to access all available digital publications, Large Corporate Members receive 4 logins

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