Registration National Secretaries Meeting & 88th Council Meeting

Dear delegates,

please fill in the form below to register for the National Secretaries Meeting and/or the 88th Council Meeting when you will 'participate in person' on Wednesday 24 May 2023 in Oslo, Norway.

Wednesday 24 May (AM): National Secretaries Meeting:

  • Overview activities per National Secion
  • New membership software

Wednesday 24 May (PM): 88th Council Meeting:

  • Statutory matters
  • Finances 

In case you will be substituted by somebody else, please fill in the second name and extra info and don't forget to give your proxy for the Council Meeting.

All meetings will take place at the Thon Hotel Opera, Dronning Eufemias gate 4, 0191 Oslo.

Click on this link to Visit Oslo, and get inspired of what to do and see in the Capital of Norway!

In case you have additional questions, please contact the LOC at

Hope to see you all soon!

Registration Secretaries Meeting and/or 88th Council Meeting