RecCom’s Marina Design Training Programme (MDTP) was created to incorporate the design and operations knowledge of a marina to already acquired engineering education and experience. While the programme was initially conceived for engineers, tailored programmes are put together to satisfy special audiences. In this case, the content of the one-day course will be focused on the needs of marina owners and operators.


For this event, the one-day course will focus on design fundamentals for marina owners and operators, including refurbishments and new projects, as well as new trends in marina design. RecCom presenters will also discuss how to use PIANC Working Group reports (both published and upcoming) to address common information needs by participants. In addition to the professional content, the schedule allows for opportunities for networking with members of all associations involved in MYP. 


  • PIANC Short Course on Marina Design - Tuesday 19 November afternoon part 1 from 12.30-17.30, 20 November morning part 2 from 8.30-13.00 
  • PIANC RecCom Working Group meeting about Marina Adaptations for Electric Propulsion Recreational Vessels Wednesday 20 November from 14.00-16.00
  • Waterfront Drinks networking opportunity for MYP exhibitors, PIANC course delegates, GMI attendees and IMG attendees and marina professionals invited by RAI, Wednesday 20 November 16.30-18.00 



PIANC RecCom will also convene an open meeting to discuss marina adaptation needs to best service the growth in electric propulsion recreational vessels, such as the potential need for charging stations in marinas. METSTRADE, which brings together boat manufacturing and marina design professionals, is the ideal venue to have this open dialogue. During MYP networking Waterfront Drinks, the PIANC Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award will be presented to the 2018-2019 winner. The award recognises excellence in the design of modern recreational boating facilities around the world.  

PIANC Working Group on Electric Propulsion and Marinas

PIANC’s core activity is the production of technical reports prepared by Working Groups (WG). PIANC WGs are comprised of representatives proposed by PIANC National Sections and invited experts.  RecCom proposes and manages the Working Groups dedicated to marinas and recreational navigation issues.

Following on the PIANC tradition of providing both technical reference documents for planning and design of marinas, as well as early guidance on new industry trends, RecCom has established a new WG on Marina Design Adaptations to New Propulsion Systems for Recreational Vessels.

With this topic, RecCom recognises the growing need to support the operation of electric and plug-in hybrid propulsion vessels by adapting marinas. The Working Group is open to marina operators and designers, marina eletric system suppliers, electric yacht designers, and developers of electric propulsion systems to assess the new vessel needs and provide guidance for marina design improvements.

In this open forum, RecCom will solicit input from the marina and boat manufacturing industry for this new Working Group. The forum will take place in the MYP on Wednesday 20 November in the afternoon, before the Waterfront Drinks. Please RSVP to to secure your seat in this free event organised by PIANC RecCom in the MYP.


PIANC RecCom will present a MEDA award during the MYP Waterfront Drinks on Wednesday 20 November in the evening.

The PIANC Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award (MEDA) was created in 2002 in memory of the late John M. ‘Jack’ Nichol, an Honorary Member of PIANC and well-known marina designer. The purpose of the Award is to recognise excellence in the design of modern recreational boating facilities around the world.

Any representative of a deserving marina project may submit an application to be considered for the Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award. The Award is administered by the Recreational Navigation Commission and funded by an endowment through PIANC-USA. The award is a cast commemoration gift.

RecCom has selected the 2018-2019 winner of the Award, and the call for applications is open for the next cycle. Go to for additional information and application.

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