Platinum Partner

To apply for Platinum Partnership, please contact the PIANC General Secretariat at

The company becomes a Platinum Partner of PIANC for a minimum annual fee of € 5,000.00. This agreement has a duration of four years, starting on the day of the signing.
Advantages for Platinum Partners:
- Every four years, at the occasion of PIANC’s World Congress, two representatives of the Platinum Partners are invited to participate free of charge to all parts of the programme.

- The logo of the Platinum Partners (with a link to their website) will be put on the homepage of PIANC’s website. The Platinum Partners are marketed at each possible occasion (Seminars, Congresses, Receptions, etc.). Moreover, they are mentioned with their logo and/or trademark in all PIANC publications, either digital or printed.

- At the occasion of exhibitions, (co-)organised by PIANC, the logo of the Platinum Partners will be displayed in a prominent manner.

- The Platinum Partners get a 20 % discount for publicity in PIANC publications and sponsoring of PIANC events, including exhibitions.

- Each year, the Platinum Partners are allowed to deliver an article for the PIANC Yearbook referring to their recent realisations.

- The partner is invited to participate in 

  • ProCom (Promotion Commission of PIANC) and to jointly work on PIANC marketing strategy.
  • the Working Groups (1 representative per Partner)