InCom WG 125/II: Technical report on the status of River Information Services (2019)

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Press release

After the publication of the implementation status of River Information services in 2011 WG125 found it relevant to provide a new report to update the developments in the domain of River Information Services since 2011. These developments may influence the update to the 2011 PIANC RIS Guidelines and provide recommendations useful for organisations responsible for the implementation of River Information Services. In previous years ship-based, shore-based and traffic-oriented systems and applications have been designed and tested based on the technical standards as proposed in the context of the Guidelines of River Information Services. Implementation of River Information Services really started around the year 2005 and will be an ongoing process in the coming years. As concluded in the status report of 2011, this report will also provide an overview of what is happening in this field and aims to guide the reader through the dynamic world of River Information Services.

In the previous status report, it was already recognised that developments in the Maritime world might be of interest for the IWT domain. PIANC WG156 "e-Navigation for Inland Waterways" completed their report in 2017. This report provides an abstract of the results of WG156 on the influence of e-Navigation and e-Maritime on River Information Services. The complete report of WG 156 “e-Navigation for River Information Services” is a separate publication of PIANC.

The objective of this report is three-fold:

  • To provide the basis for the revision and update of the 2011 edition of the Guidelines for River Information Services as a result of the lessons learned; in particular:

  • The implementation guidance;

  • The different RIS operational and technical services and the related standards;

  • Provides descriptions of important studies, research and implementation projects in the period after 2011 to inform the reader on the ongoing activities in the domain of River Information services and provide a "helping hand" to those countries establishing River Information Services. It is intended to support harmonised implementation of River Information Services throughout the world.

  • Provide some examples of successful implementation on a national basis, focusing on updates since 2011.

  • Written by: InCom Permanent WG 125
  • Published: August 09, 2019