InCom WG 125/III: RIS Related Definitions 2019 (2019)

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Press release

With the development and implementation of RIS the need arose for RIS Definitions. Important sources for the RIS related definitions are the different European RIS Expert Groups responsible for the development of the different standards of the RIS technical services. Also, several RIS research and implementation projects contributed as sources for RIS related definitions.

In addition, this guide includes several definitions used in the RIS domain that have their basis in international organisations such as IMO, IHO, ITU, IALA, UN/ECE, CCNR.

The definitions brought together in this document cover the whole field of RIS and related services and concepts, such as VTS and e-Navigation. Therefore, RIS definitions are not limited to river systems or regional (traffic) regulations worldwide, but there is a relationship with the maritime area.

The definitions will be of importance in the planning, implementation/realisation, management, and maintenance of RIS systems. They also give a clear picture of the roles and responsibilities of the various parties, players, and stakeholders involved.

When Working Group 125 began work on updating the RIS Guidelines, many stakeholders expressed the need to compile all relevant definitions in one document. To that end, many sources and experts were consulted and soon it became apparent that for several terms there were several differing definitions. In cases where there were several definitions for a particular term, WG 125 made a selection of a primary definition based on their knowledge and experience. In this report redundant and obsolete definitions were not deleted but are included in “Chapter 17: Annex-1 Redundant and obsolete Definitions”.


  • Written by: InCom Permanent WG 125
  • Published: August 09, 2019