MarCom WG 33: Guidelines for the Design of Fender Systems (2002-2004)

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The 1984 Report has been part of the design office since it was published and as the practice in technical organisations, International Navigation Association (PIANC) MarCom decided it was time to update this well used document. Accordingly, Working Group 33 was formed.

These guidelines are written for a wide audience including governments, port authorities, private consulting practices, planning agencies, universities and suppliers. Its purpose is to allow designers and suppliers to have a common ground to plan and design.

It contains new approaches to fender design with appendices to help and inform.

This document gives guidance on types of fenders, fendering systems and layouts, mooring devices and ropes, mooring system layouts for commercial vessels, and recommendations as to their suitability for various applications and locations.

The guidelines are intended principally for use in respect of commercial installations by experienced engineers.

Application of this code to naval bases may require additional data from the relevant naval authorities as regards allowable hull contact pressures, especially for submarines, and as regards the distances at which vessels will be off the quay and the configuration and type of mooring arrangements.

Sincere thanks is due to all the members of the Working Group No 33 for providing their experience and help in developing the report, writing the sections and reviewing and polishing the report.

Meetings of the Working Group

Although there were national correspondence groups set up, it was decided that plenary meetings were still required and valuable. In all, nine meetings were held in London, Rotterdam, Brussels, Bilbao and Rome.

  • Written by: MarCom Working Group 33
  • Published: November 08, 2002
  • Language: English