MarCom WG 121: Harbour Approach Channels - Design Guidelines (2014)

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This report provides guidelines and recommendations for the design of vertical and horizontal dimensions of harbour approach channels and the manoeuvring and anchorage areas within harbours, along with defining restrictions to operations within a channel. It includes guidelines for establishing depth and width requirements, along with vertical bridge clearances.

The report supersedes and replaces the joint PIANC-IAPH report 'Approach Channels - A Guide for Design' published in 1997 (PIANC MarCom Working Group 30) in cooperation with IAPH, IMPA and IALA. This report has been widely accepted worldwide by port designers. This new report has again been compiled in close co-operation with IAPH (International Association of Ports & Harbours), IMPA (International Maritime Pilots Association) and IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities).

The objectives of the Working Group were to review, update and, where appropriate, expand on the design recommendations on vertical and horizontal dimensioning as presented in the Working Group 30 report of 1997 on approach channels. Recent developments in ship design, better understanding of ship manoeuvrability and behaviour in waves and further research in ship simulation and modelling required a comprehensive update to the 1997 report.

The Working Group has paid particular attention to:

  • Vertical motions of ships in approach channels (due to squat, wave-induced motions, dynamic effects, etc.)
  • Air draught for vertical clearances under bridges, overhead cables, etc.
  • Horizontal dimensions of channels and manoeuvring areas
  • Simulation of ships in channels
  • New and future generation ship dimensions/manoeuvring characteristics
  • Wind effect on ship navigation and manoeuvring
  • Human errors and project uncertainties
  • Environmental issues
  • Safety criteria, assessment of levels of risk and appropriate clearance margins

All sizes of approach channel for commercial shipping are considered in this report; the problems of catering for small coasters in a small port may be as great as those for a large tanker at an oil terminal.

  • Written by: MarCom Working Group 121
  • Published: January 08, 2014
  • Language: English