MarCom WG 17: Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Maritime Structures Exposed to Material Degradation Caused by a Salt Water Environment (1990)

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This report deals with the degradation of materials commonly used in structures exposed to a salt water environment. The materials considered are timber; stone, masonry and unreinforced concrete; reinforced and prestressed concrete; and steel.

As required by the Terms of Reference, the Principles of Degradation, Inspection Methods, Maintenance Procedures and Repair Methods for all of these materials, both above and under water, have been considered.

Chemical and other forms of degradation have been considered within the chapter on Principles of Degradation"". Both visual and other methods of inspection and maintenance are dealt with in the chapters ""Inspection"" and ""Maintenance"". The chapter on ""Repair Methods"" considers minor and major repairs, and major rehabilitation.

The report has been written to give the basic facts in the hope that the reader will be able to refer to the Bibliography for further details. Within this Bibliography both primary and secondary references are given, of which the primary references provide a brief summary. The references have been coded as follows :

PD -Principles of Degradation
I -Inspection
M -Maintenance
R -Repairs."

  • Written by: MarCom Working Group 17
  • Published: November 08, 1990
  • Language: English