RecCom WG 131: Catalogue of Prefabricated Marina Elements (2014)

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The aim of RecCom Working Group 131 was to prepare a new instrument useful for the community interested in marina design, construction and management market.

With the aim to have a rapid overview on the different prefabricated elements that can be used in a marina, an internet-based catalogue was prepared for public access. The Catalogue can be easily and continuously updated by constructors and suppliers.

Nowadays, the use of prefabricated elements in the construction of marinas has become very common practice. Prefabricated elements usually represent important advantages (higher performances, ecological benefits, cost reduction, construction efficiency, etc.)

As a consequence, a lot of new prefabricated units have been designed for a wide variety of applications in marina construction (floating docks, floating facilities, revetments, decking elements, mooring systems, pedestals, bollards, fenders, signals, etc.).

Marina designers and contractors are now facing the problem of identification and selection of the optimum product for their specific work. Information on prefabricated elements is nowadays disperse, not easy available and almost impossible to be evaluated.

PIANC, as an international association with a non-economic profit, is in an optimum position for producing a Catalogue of Marina Construction Elements. This document, which would include an exhaustive list of products, could be very useful for managers, port authorities, engineers, marina designers and other professionals.

The proposed catalogue will be focused on prefabricated units used for the construction of the following types of parts: Pontoons; Floating structures and facilities; Revetments and decking elements; Mooring systems and others.

Catalogue of prefabricated marina elements

  • Written by: RecCom Working Group 131
  • Published: April 08, 2014
  • Language: English