Environmental Commission (EnviCom)

EnviCom is responsible for dealing with both broad and very specific navigation sustainability and environmental risk-related issues of interest to PIANC that crosscut all PIANC areas, partner activities. With strategic initiatives, Working Groups and networking activities EnviCom is proactively developing and providing environmental guidance supporting the Waterborne Transport Infrastructure Sector to strive for sustainability and to implement of the respective PIANC goals. In this regard, EnviCom is pursuing new or continuing existing activities to topics like Working with Nature, Ecosystem Services, Environmental Risk Management, Dredging in environmental sensitive areas, Sustainable ports, Climate change adaptation, Carbon management, Resilience. 
In this context, EnviCom is continuously working together with the Technical Commissions of PIANC and partner associations. EnviCom is networking with international organisations such as the London Convention, OSPAR, WODA and the EU. Together with CoCom EnviCom is developing and sharing of information on navigation and the environment for and with Countries in Transition.

Todd Bridges
  • Members from 15 nations and 7 partner organisations

  • Permanent Task Groups/Strategic Initiatives: EU Water Framework Directive Navigation Task Group, Climate Change (PTG CC), Working with Nature Corresponding Group, Dredging and the Environment

  • EnviCom Member Area: log in on the PIANC SharePoint at https://piancaipcn.sharepoint....

EnviCom Working Group reports

Click on the link below to find an overview of already published EnviCom WG-reports.

Central European Dredging Association - Anna Csiti - Frederik Roose,
EnviCom Partner
International Association for Ports and Harbors - Greet Bernaers - Eric de Deckere
EnviCom Partner
International Association of Dredging Companies - René Kolman
EnviCom Partner
Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine - Gernot Pauli - Kai Kempmann
EnviCom Partner
Inland Navigation Europe - Karin de Schepper
EnviCom Partner
European Dredging Association - Paris Sansoglou
EnviCom Partner


  • Name
    Jan Brooke – UK
  • Function
    Member/Chairperson PTG CC, EU WFD, WwN, Correspondant WG
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