PIANC-SMART Rivers 2019 in Lyon, France - 30 September-3 October 2019


NordPIANC Meeting 2019: Second Announcement and Call For Abstracts!

The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure

Established in 1885, PIANC continues to be the leading partner for government and private sector in the design, development and maintenance of ports, waterways and coastal areas. As a non-political and non-profit organisation, PIANC brings together the best international experts on technical, economic and environmental issues pertaining to waterborne transport infrastructure. 

PIANC is renowned for its outstanding and high-quality technical reports on ports and waterborne transport infrastructure.

PIANC’s mission is to provide expert guidance, recommendations and technical advice, to keep the international waterborne transport community connected, and to support Young Professionals and Countries in Transition. Members include representatives of public authorities, corporations and interested individuals.

Working with Nature
Navigating a Changing Climate

Commissions & Working Groups

Four Technical Commissions are covering the different areas of waterborne transport infrastructure. They are supervising the work carried out by our experts in the respective Working Groups on subjects of interest. The reports drafted by these Working Groups are the core business of our Association.  

The two non-technical Commissions have been set up to support Young Professionals and Countries in Transition. 

Our Memberships

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Young Professional?

Be part of a unique ‘Network of the Future’ by joining the PIANC Young Professionals (YP-Com)!  

YP-Com is dedicated to the career development of PIANC members 40 years of age and younger locally, nationally and globally. Opportunities for PIANC Young Professionals include networking through meetings and events and gathering experience by joining PIANC’s technical Working Groups.


The 7th PIANC YP-Com Biennial Technical Visit

June 10, 2019