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PIANC Membership is worldwide and open to everyone. PIANC has members in 66 countries, including 43 Qualifying Members, about 500 Corporate Members (consultants, contractors, manufacturing companies, port agencies, etc.) and almost 1,800 Individual Members. 

27 National Sections are recognised and operate to facilitate contacts between PIANC HQ and the local membership. 

Moreover, 12 Platinum Partners are giving strong support to PIANC (DEMEJan De NulPort of RotterdamVan Oord, TrelleborgShibataFenderTeamBoskalisPenta-Ocean ConstructionBekaertHanjin Heavy Industries and ConstructionHyundai Engineering and Construction and IRM.

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7 reasons to join PIANC

1. Get connected to expert guidance and technical advice

2. Gain open access to advanced technological information

3. Address climate change

4. Team up with decision makers

5. Be active in Working Groups, Commissions and National Sections

6. Come aboard the Young Professional Community 

7. Become part of our international network

Our Memberships

Student Member

PIANC offers a special rate to students with interest in navigation related matters to encourage them to get involved in our Association. 

Moreover, take a look at our Young Professionals Commission (YP-Com) and take the opportunity to join the PIANC YPs and be part of a unique worldwide YP-network.

Individual Member

Join PIANC on an individual basis and be informed about state-of-the-art developments in the field of waterborne transport infrastructure. 

As an Individual Member of PIANC you receive a personal login to access all PIANC publications for free during the period of your membership! You can also subscribe to the two-monthly e-Newsletter 'Sailing Ahead' to be informed about the Association's latest activities and publications. Moreover, with your personal login you will have access to the PIANC Membership Directory during the period of your membership.

Corporate Member

Authorities of public services of states, public and private sector companies, consultants, universities, harbours and other organisations concerned with issues related to navigation can sign up as a Corporate Member of PIANC to become part of the unique PIANC network of professionals and to obtain access to all PIANC publications for free during the period of membership:

  • Small organisation (up to 20 employees directly concerned with PIANC - 2 personal logins to the Members Only pages)
  • Large organisation (more than 20 employees directly concerned with PIANC - 4 personal logins to the Members Only pages)

Platinum Partner

Annual fee: minimum € 5,000.00 for a minimum period of 4 years. 

  • Your logo with link to your website will be displayed on the PIANC website.
  • 2 of your representatives will be entitled to participate for free in the 4-yearly PIANC World Congresses.
  • Your logo will be displayed at events/exhibitions (co-)organised by PIANC.
  • You will get a 20 % discount for publicity in the PIANC Yearbook or any other PIANC publication.
  • You will be entitled to send in an overview of your yearly activities for the PIANC Yearbook.

Select your National Section and apply for Membership

If your country is not on the list, choose 'none'.


The membership starts on the day the payment of the membership fee is received and runs for 1 year from that date on (e.g. starting on November 22, 2017 running until November 21, 2018).

Membership of the Association shall be automatically terminated by non-payment of the annual subscription.

Please note that the quoted membership rates are for prospective members who have no National PIANC Section. Prospective members who are from countries where a PIANC Section exists should apply to that Section for its membership rates, bearing in mind that National Section rates may vary and will be expressed in the currency of that country.