Maritime Navigation Commission (MarCom)

MarCom is responsible for dealing with maritime ports and navigation channels issues of interest to PIANC. MarCom co-operates with other Commissions when issues can be seen to have a broader perspective, for example when they also have an environmental or inland impact and where relevant cross-commissions issues are concerned such as Working with Nature, Climate Change or approach to target countries. MarCom also co-operates and communicates with other international organisations such as IMO, IAPH, IALA, IHMA, IAHR, IMPA, WODA, etc.

Egbert van der Wal
  • Members from 19 nations and 1 partner organisation IAPH 

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Babak Banijamali

MarCom Working Group Reports

Click on the link below to find an overview of already published MarCom WG-reports.


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    Santiago Povedano Marcos – Spain
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