Promotion Commission (ProCom)

ProCom shall enhance, direct and implement a comprehensive Promotional Programme that will maintain/increase the membership, improve the report accessibility, enhance the visibility, and help achieve the vision, mission and goals of the Association. Collaboration with external professional support may be suitable upon proposal of ProCom and approval of FinCom with final decision by ExCom; (co-)organise, guide and oversee all promotional, marketing, publication and educational outreach (in coordination with CoCom) activities for PIANC; be responsible for the identification of stakeholders, the execution of the strategic plan/marketing strategy, the development of the promotion budget in co-operation with FinCom and routine reporting to the ExCom, Council and AGA on the activities and accomplishments of the Promotional Programme; increase activities regarding navigation infrastructure stakeholders including public authorities and related private industry sectors and reach out PIANC’s products to non-governmental organisations (NGOs), universities and training centres and other professional societies targeting their technical conferences.

Anna-Lena Pahl
Chairperson of ProCom/Representative of ShibataFenderTeam


  • Name
    Robert De Bruin – the Netherlands
  • Function
    Member/Representative of Van Oord
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