Recreational Navigation Commission (RecCom)

RecCom has been established to deal with aspects directly related to recreational, leisure, sport and tourism navigation, to develop facilities for this kind of navigation, and to facilitate its integration with other types of navigation (commercial and fishing). Sustainable planning, management of all recreational navigation infrastructure – including marinas – and their  integration into waterfronts, are matters on which the Commission gives support to the technical community. It is the policy of the Commission to produce a regular flow of studies and reports and to contribute in training of professionals involved. RecCom together with other organisations with similar and complementary objectives, such as the International Council of Marina Industry Associations (ICOMIA).

Esteban Biondi
  • Core activities of PIANC RecCom are setting up and managing:

    • Working Groups, for publication of reports;

    • The Marina Excellence Design ‘Jack Nichol’ Award (MEDA), for promoting excellence in marina design;

    • The Marina Design Training Program (MDTP): courses on marina design at an international level;

    • Outreach activities within PIANC events, with sister associations, and in marina industry events.

  • The Commission

    • aims at providing high-level and state-of-the-art technical guidance in the fields of planning and design of sustainable recreational navigation infrastructure, including waterfront development and rehabilitation, and nautical tourism facilities.

    • collaborates with partners: ICOMIA, ICOMIA Marinas Group, GMI, the Yacht Harbour Association, Marina World, AMI.

    • seeks input and collaboration with the marina, yachting and tourism industries, as well as engineering and waterfront planning professional community.

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RecCom Working Group Reports

Click on the link below to find an overview of already published RecCom WG-reports.

The Marina Design Training Programme

This programme was created to share knowledge about Marina Design among differnt types waterfront development professionals.  

We offer flexible 1-day short courses as well as immersive week-long custom programs upon request.

If you are interested in attending the MDTP Courses or if you are an expert interested in being a MDTP trainer, please contact us as

RecCom Members

PIANC RecCom includes international experts appointed by PIANC National Sections, Qualifying Members and Sister Associations.

Each member country of PIANC is entitled to appoint one Principal Representative, an Alternate Representative, and a YP Representative.

We also welcome observers that promote PIANC RecCom in their countries and bring new regional perspectives to make our work relevant everywhere in the world.


  • Name
    Liina Harm – Estonia
  • Function
    Principal Representative
  • Email
  • Name
    Mirja A. Rosenberg-Kurki– Finland
  • Function
    Principal Representative
  • Email
  • Name
    Gian Battista Borea d'Olmo – Principality of Monaco
  • Function
    Principal Representative
  • Email