1 InCom WG 258

Design of Flexible Loading and Unloading Facilities for IW Natural Rivers (ToR)

2 InCom WG 255

Structural Re-assessment of Existing (IW) Hydraulic Structures (ToR)

3 InCom WG 249

Adaptation of Inland Waterways Infrastructure for Climate Change Impacts (ToR)

4 InCom WG 242

Permanent Floating Houses along the Inland Waterway Banks and Infrastructure (ToR)

5 InCom WG 237

Bottlenecks and Best Practices of Transport of Containers on Inland Waterways (ToR)

6 InCom / EnviCom WG 236

Sustainable Management of the Navigability of Free Flow Rivers (ToR)

7 InCom / EnviCom / RecCom WG 228

Extended values of “Low-Use” Inland Waterways (ToR)

8 InCom / EnviCom / RecCom WG 219

Guidelines to develop and operate sustainable inland waterway tourism and recreation infrastructure (ToR)

9 InCom WG 206

Update the Final Report of the International Commission for the Study of Locks (ToR)

10 InCom WG 128

Alternative Technical-Biological Bank Protection Methods for Inland Waterways (ToR)


1 MarCom WG 261

An Update to Design Principles for Dry Bulk Marine Terminals (ToR)

2 MarCom WG 260

Circular Monitoring for Ports (ToR)

3 MarCom WG 259

Climate Resilience Guide for Ports(ToR)

4 MarCom WG 252

Safety by Design of Maritime Terminals and Infrastructure Projects (ToR)

5 MarCom WG 251

Guidance on the Design of Parted Mooring Line Arresting Systems (ToR)

6 MarCom WG 250

Update of WG 28 – Breakwaters with Vertical and Inclined Concrete Walls (ToR)

7 MarCom WG 248

Guidelines for Onshore Power Supply (OPS) for Ships (ToR)

8 MarCom WG 243

Design, Maintenance and Sustainability of Container Terminal Pavements (ToR)

9 MarCom WG 240

Guidance for ports in small island countries (ToR)

10 MarCom WG 239

Mitigation of tsunami disasters in ports (ToR)

11 MarCom WG 238

Guidelines for use of BIM in infrastructure for ports and waterways (ToR)

12 MarCom WG 233

Inspection, maintenance and repair of waterfront facilities (ToR)

13 MarCom WG 232

Metocean-related risks during the construction of marine works (ToR)

14 MarCom WG 231

Mooring Bollards & Hooks: Selection, maintenance and testing (ToR)

15 MarCom WG 225

Seismic Design Guidelines for Port Structures (ToR)

16 MarCom WG 224

Planning of Fishing Ports (ToR)

17 MarCom WG 215

Accidental Impacts from Ships on Fixed Structures-Update WG 19 (ToR)

18 MarCom WG 213

Design Guidelines for Marine Multipurpose Terminals (ToR)

19 MarCom WG 205

Design and Construction of Breakwatersin Soft Seabeds (ToR)

20 MarCom WG 187

Protection of Undersea Pipelines and Cables in Navigable Areas (ToR)

21 MarCom WG 186

Mooring of Large Ships at Quays (ToR)

22 MarCom WG 180

Guidelines for protecting berthing structures from scour caused by ships (ToR)

23 MarCom WG 171

Ship Handling Simulation Dedicated to Channel and Harbour Design (ToR)

24 MarCom WG 164

Upgrade of Port Berths by Increasing Dredged Depth (ToR)

25 MarCom WG 153 C

Recommendations for the Design and Assessment of Marine Liiquid and Gas Terminals Handling Green Fuesl and Fossil-Based Cargoes (ToR)


1 EnviCom WG 256

Understanding Blue Carbon a Practical Guide (ToR)

2 EnviCom WG 230

How to Attract Green Funding for Nature-Based Navigation Infrastructure (ToR)

3 EnviCom WG 226

A Guide for Assessing and Managing Effects of Underwater Sounds from Navigation Infrastructure Activities (ToR)

4 EnviCom WG 218

The implications of invasive alien species for waterborne transport infrastructure (ToR)

5 EnviCom WG 170

Best Practices of how to deal with sea turtles and mammals in marine waterway and port construction activities (ToR)


1 RecCom WG 254

Design Guidelines for Superyacht Facilities(ToR) 

2 RecCom WG 253

Water quality in marinas (ToR)

3 RecCom WG 247

Floating Homes in Marinas (ToR)

4 RecCom WG 245

Carbon Management for Marinas and Boat Harbours (ToR)

5 RecCom WG 244

Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Marinas and Boat Harbours (ToR)

6 RecCom WG 223

Meaningful Inclusion of Fishing Communities in Recreational Marinas – Guidelines for Planning (ToR)

7 RecCom WG 222

Design Guidelines for Floating Breakwaters in Marinas (ToR)

8 RecCom WG 209

Recommendations for Use of AIS Data for Recreational Navigation Infrastructure (ToR)

9 RecCom WG 202

Influence of Recreational Navigation Infrastructures (RNI) on Waterfront Projects (ToR)

10 RecCom WG 169

Fire System Detection and Controls in Marinas (ToR)

11 RecCom WG 149

Guidelines for Marina Design (ToR)