Upcoming publications/Ongoing Working Groups

InCom Ongoing Working Groups

InCom WG 128

'Alternative Technical-Biological Bank Protection Methods for Inland Waterways' - ToR

InCom WG 179

'How to deal with new ships in the CEMT ’92 classification - towards a new CEMT (ITF) classification' - ToR

InCom WG 189

'Fatigue of Hydraulic Steel Structures' - ToR

InCom WG 190

'Corrosion Protection of Lock Equipment' - ToR

InCom WG 191

'Composites for Hydraulic Structures' - ToR

InCom WG 192

'Developments in the automation and remote operation of locks and bridges' - ToR

InCom WG 197

'Small Hydropower plant in Waterways' - ToR

InCom WG 198

'Saltwater Intrusion Mitigations and Technologies' - ToR

InCom-MarCom 199

'Health Monitoring for Port and Waterway Structures' - ToR

InCom WG 203

'Sustainable Inland Waterways – A Guide for Waterways Managers on Social and Environmental Impacts' - ToR

InCom WG 206

'Update the Final Report of the International Commission for the Study of Locks' - ToR

InCom WG 207

'Innovations in Shiplift Navigation Concepts' - ToR

InCom WG 210

'Smart shipping on Inland Waterways' - ToR

InCom WG 216

'Best Practices in Planning Inland Waterways Multimodal Platforms' - ToR

MarCom Ongoing Working Groups

MarCom WG 145

'Berthing velocities and fender design' - ToR

MarCom WG 164

'Upgrade of Port Terminals by increasing dredged depth' - ToR

MarCom WG 167

'Design of terminals for RoRo and RoPax vessels' - ToR

MarCom WG 171

'Ship handling Simulation Dedicated to Channel and Harbour Design' - ToR

MarCom WG 180

'Guidelines for protecting berthing structures from scour caused by ships' - ToR

MarCom WG 185

'Site Selection and Planning For New Ports and Specialist Marine' - ToR

MarCom WG 186

'Mooring of Large Ships at Quay Walls' - ToR

MarCom WG 187

'Protection of undersea pipelines and cables in navigable areas' - ToR

MarCom WG 194

'A Framework for Early Contractor Involvement in Infrastructure Projects' -ToR

MarCom-InCom WG 199

'Health Monitoring for Port and Waterway Structures' - ToR

MarCom WG 200

'Recommendations for the Design and Assessment of Marine Single Point Mooring (SPM) or Multi-Point Mooring (MPM) Facilities' - ToR

MarCom WG 205

'Design and construction of breakwaters in soft seabeads' - ToR

MarCom WG 208

'Planning for Automation of Container Terminals' - ToR

MarCom WG 211 (update WG 33)

'Guidelines for the design of fender systems' - ToR

MarCom WG 212 (update WG 24)

'Criteria for acceptable movement of ships at beths' - ToR

MarCom WG 213

'Design guidelines for marine multipurpouse terminals' - ToR

MarCom WG 224

'Planning of Fishing Ports' - ToR

MarCom WG 225

'Seismic Design Guidelines for Port Structures' - ToR

EnviCom Ongoing Working Groups

EnviCom WG 170

'Best Practices of how to deal with sea turtles and mammals in marine waterway and port construction activities' - ToR

EnviCom WG 174

'Sustainability Reporting for Ports PIANC- IAPH' - ToR

EnviCom WG 175

'A Practical Guide to Environmental Risk Management for Navigation Infrastructure Projects' - ToR

EnviCom WG 178

'PIANC-PTGCC Working Group on climate change adaptation for maritime and inland port and navigation infrastructure' - ToR

EnviCom WG 193

'Resilience of the Maritime and Inland Waterborne Transport System (MIWTS)' - ToR

EnviCom WG 195

'An Introduction to applying Ecosystem Services for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure Projects' - ToR

EnviCom WG 214

'Beneficial Sediment Use' - ToR

EnviCom WG 218

'The implications of invasive alien species for waterborne transport infrastructure' - ToR

RecCom Ongoing Working Groups

RecCom WG 147

'Guidelines for a Better Integration of Recreational Navigation Activities within Fishing and Commercial Ports' - ToR

RecCom WG 148B

 SECOND PHASE 'Sustainable Recreational Navigation Infrastructure' - ToR

RecCom WG 168

'Single Point Yacht Mooring Design' - ToR

RecCom WG 169

'Fire System Detection and Controls in Marinas' - ToR

RecCom WG 182

'Underwater Acoustic Imaging of Waterborne Transport Infrastructure' - ToR

RecCom WG 202

RecCom-ICOMIA IMG 'Influence of Recreational Navigation Infrastructures (RNI) on Waterfront Projects' - ToR

RecCom WG 209

'Recommendations for Use of AIS Data for Recreational Navigation Infrastructure' - ToR

RecCom WG 217

' The Impacts of Alternative Fuel Propulsion Systems for Recreational Vessels on Marina Design and Management' - ToR

RecCom WG 220

‘Planning, Design and Operational Guidelines for Pump-Out Systems in Recreational Facilities’ - ToR  

RecCom WG 221

‘Design Guidelines for Recreational Boating Slipways’ - ToR  

RecCom WG 222

‘Design Guidelines for Floating Breakwaters in Marinas’ - ToR  

RecCom WG 223

‘Meaningful Inclusion of Fishing Communities in Recreational Marinas - Guidelines for Planning’ - ToR