Inland Navigation Commission (InCom)

InCom is in charge of the activities of PIANC in the field of inland waterways (IWW), including inland navigation (ships, ports, etc.); inland infrastructure (locks, movable weirs, flood protection barriers, etc., including electro- mechanical components of the equipment); numerical and physical hydraulic modelling; river engineering and river morphodynamics, including dredging aspects; river and canal management; economy of IWW; environmental issues related to IWW, including vessel-river interactions; inland port design and management; inland transportation and logistic (RIS – River Information Services, AIS, modelling of IWW, IWT Policy, etc.); maintenance & inspection of IWW; and operation, management of IWW (asset management, etc.).

In addition, InCom networks with waterways stakeholders and international organisations/commissions (CCNR, MRC, etc.) to reach PIANC’s strategic goals and organises and supports the PIANC-SMART Rivers Conferences.

InCom Chair & Vice-Chair

Philippe Rigo

Philippe Rigo


Jasna Muskatirovic

Jasna Muskatirovic


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