PIANC Young Professionals Award (YP Award)

The 1st PIANC Young Professional Award was given at the 2006 PIANC World Congress in Estoril, Portugal. This tradition continues at each Congress, held every four years. The YP-Award is given for outstanding technical paper and presentation authored and presented by a Young Professional at the Congress. Three awards with monetary prizes are given to the top three scores for paper and presentation combined.

Additionally, the PIANC Young Professionals Award was presented during the World Congress. With over 30 candidates, papers, and presentations meticulously scrutinized by YP Com Chair Sebastian Iglesias, YP Award Head Jury, Hyun Dong Kim and 15 other jury members, three winners emerged.

Floor Bakker claimed the 1st place with their project focusing on a “Tool to evaluate countermeasures at locks to limit freshwater losses and saltwater intrusion while minimizing waiting times for shipping.”

Andrew Brown placed the 2nd place with his research on “Understanding the dynamics of a large and complex ebb tide delta to assess the feasibility of a greenfield port.”

Gianluca Brocca was honored with the 3rd place for his inventive work on “Novel environmentally friendly rock-filled mattress solution for scour prevention design in berthing structures.”

We extend our sincere appreciation to all who expressed interest in PIANC’s Award, and hearty congratulations to all the worthy recipients!

2018 YP Award Winners

At the occasion of the World Congress, the YP Award is given for outstanding technical paper and presentation authored and presented by a Young Professional at the PIANC World Congress. The 2018 World Congress in Panama YP Award attracted over 30 applicants eligible for the YP Award! The YP-Com has gone through a careful process evaluating and ranking all submitted papers and presentations held in Panama. This has finally resulted in the long-expected winner of the World Congress YP Award 2018, as well as a second and third place. It was a difficult decision and all top 3 Young Professionals are congratulated with an excellent paper and presentation. However, after this process… we are happy to announce…

2018 World Congress YP Award – 1st place:

The winner of the World Congress YP Award 2018 is Neville Berard with her paper on ‘Physical Modelling of Propeller Scour on an Armoured Slope’.

2018 World Congress YP Award – 2nd place:

An honourable second place is awarded to Thibaut van Zwijnsvoorde for his paper on ‘Motions of Moored Container Vessels’.

2018 World Congress YP Award – 3rd place:

The third place is captured by Judith Mol with her paper on ‘Exploring Potential Climate Change Impacts’.

Previous Winners

33rd PIANC World Congress San Francisco (2014)

  • 1st place: Daan Rijks (The Netherlands): ‘Utilising  the Full Potential of Dredging Works: Design, Construction and Monitoring’
  • 2nd place: Hirokazu Nishimura (Japan): ‘Material Performance of ‘Environmentally Active Concrete’ Contained Amino Acids in Water’
  • 3rd place: Sylvain Pioch & Philippe Saussol (France): ‘Green Marine Construction: the Eco-Design of Marine Infrastructures’

32nd PIANC World Congress Liverpool (2010)

  • 1st place: Paulo Osório (Luxemburg): ‘Structural Reliability Analysis of Quay Walls with Steel Sheet Piles’
  • 2nd place: Catrina Cofalla (Germany): ‘Floodsearch – Hydrotoxic Investigations of Contaminated Sediments in an Annular Flume’
  • 3rd place: Marieke Kaarsemaker (The Netherlands): ‘Evaluation of Flow Fields and their Impact on Manoeuvring’

31st PIANC World Congress, Estoril – Portugal (2006)

  • 1st place: Wouter Bijman (The Netherlands/Serbia): ‘Restoration of the River Danube in Serbia’
  • 2nd place: Oliver Stelzer (Germany): ‘Investigation of the bearing capacity and deformation behaviour of Hohenwarthe lock, based on geotechnical measurements and numerical calculations’
  • 3rd place: Stéphanie Poligot-Pitsch (France): ‘Repairing and modifying existing locks or navigation dams’